Do you use Airbrush?

Yes! We are an only airbrush team because of the stunning look it gives and the benefits to the skin

Do you travel?

We sure do! We love to make your day easier by traveling to you, no matter where your venue is, so you can focus on the people around you and enjoying the day to the fullest.

Is a trial included in the wedding day price?

It's not! A trial is a separate fee from the wedding day and is scheduled separately as well. Our artists are very hard-working talented people, and we like to make sure they're appreciated.

Should you tip? 

Absolutely! Tips are not included in the total price and your artists so appreciate the love! So if you loved your look, you'll give the tip to your artist at the end of the service.

What type of extensions do you install for brides?

Natural Beaded Rows or NBR. These extensions are done by creating a track of string and beads with your own hair. This is a separate weft extension install done at the salon before the wedding day. Upkeep requires a move up appointment 6-8 weeks after the wedding and so on.

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