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Hi! I'm Becky Steinhardt, or as most people call me "Becky with the Good Hair" (thanks Beyonce). 

I took a piece of my last name and created Hardt You More because, I fully believe in doing everything with a big ol' one (heart)!​

Eons ago when dinosaurs roamed (2001), I was getting my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa (the other UT for my Texas peeps). I modeled & acted as a kid & I always wanted to pursue that dream of being an actress, but when I got to college to major in Theater I had a big let down- you had to sing if you wanted to act. Now, I had sung church solos, sung in the choir, had solos at school, but like do that for a living, no no. 

Aside from being the first one in my family to graduate college, the best thing I did during that time was apply for a position at the M.A.C. store in Hyde Park. M.A.C. was the major retailer- you wanted to be a M.A.C. Makeup Artist & it was a hard title to get. I started as a Freelancer & held that position for years while I worked in Corporate America.

After being laid off one too many times in the marketing field, I wanted to do something with purpose & passion. With makeup already in my repertoire & wanting to pursue something farther in order to grow my business, I toured a cosmetology school on a Friday & started on a Monday. 

With an aching to connect more & on other levels, I am now a licensed CPC (Whole Person Certified Coach) which means when I mentor or guide someone I take into account all aspects of them- the whole person. Honestly, I'm still deciding what direction to go in this space, so for now I apply it to my team & clients.

I currently am still taking bookings & in fact I just wrapped a DocuSeries with Paramount+ in 2024. Better get me before Hollywood does ;) lol.

If I'm not available for your event don't you worry, I personally select an artist that best fits your needs & desired style. You're in great hands with my personally hand-picked, vetted & coached team members.

Don't think that means I let you go that easily hunny, I oversee & coordinate everything along the way. After all, I'm your wedding bestie!

I take pride in our specialty of natural airbrush makeup & lived-in hairstyles. But really what we do are:

Unique weddings.

Boho Weddings.

Gay Weddings.

Backyard Weddings.

Straight Weddings.

Luxury Weddings.

Non-Binary Weddings.

Lesbian Weddings.

Themed Weddings.

Trans Weddings.

Fun Weddings.

Whatever thing 1 or thing 2 you need hair & makeup for- we gotchu. 

We just respectfully don't do asshole weddings :)

Let us make your life easier however we can & don't forget we travel to your location/venue so you can be fully emersed in the moment!

Enough about me, let's talk about you...

I know what a special day this is & I'm here for you.

Anything you need, just ask.


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